Villa Franciacorta


  • R.N.A. stands for "Riserva Nobile Alessandro Bianchi".

    This is a cru within a cru that derives from a careful selection of the best Franciacorta wines. 

    Majestic, slightly golden straw yellow colour, bright and crystal-clear with thin and lingering perlage. The nose opens up with beautiful notes of flint alternating with slight iodine hints. Sensual touches of dried citrus fruit, liquorice, confectionery, tropical fruit.

    On the palate is very lively and creamy with a very thin perlage, full flavour and mineral notes marking the typical Villa wine-making style.

    This Franciacorta Nobile is a noble wine indeed, being the result of a terroir with great potential, combined with a patient and loving care.

    It is very important to state some facts in regard of this work of art.

    WINE-MAKING TECHNIQUE: very careful selection of musts (first-pressing must only) and further selection of the best base wines of Cuvette cru, with 6-month ageing in oak barrels.

    MATURATION: Tirage was performed on the 18th of April 2005 (over 13 years ago) with subsequent refermentation and in-bottle prise de mousse by adding selected yeast strains, followed by maturation on cell lysis for more than 10 years. Maturation was alternated with periods in which the stacked bottles were moved and shaken to favour resurfacing and the dissolution of lysis aromas.

    DESGORGEMENT: 22nd of June 2015.

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  • GRAPES: 78% Chardonnay, 22% Pinot Noir.

    RECOMMENDED PAIRING: due to the long time this wine takes to mature and it is ready to be released, we would suggest you sit back and sink into the aromas and enjoy the flavours this 10 years aged riserva has to offer. Truly UNIQUE.



    SIZE: 750mL

    WINE STORAGE: between 12 and 16 °C, away from direct sources of light, avoiding excessively dry conditions.

Producer: Villa Franciacorta


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