Foss Marai

"Marai De Marai" Spumante Extra Dry

  • SPUMANTE Colli di Treviso 750ml

    Some people like to call it simply Prosecco just to make it easier. It is a much more sophisticated version of such already wonderful wine. This sparkling white is in fact vinified by carefully selecting autochthonous grapes of the hills of Treviso: 80% Glera, then the remaining 20% BianchettaPereraVerdisoMoscato. The long-standing commitment of Foss Marai in the reclamation of disused native vines and experimentations in the vine-growing field has given rise to this highly fruity, light and harmonious spumante wine. This is why it's so special and different from any other sparkling you might have tried so far!

    This straw-coloured bubbly features a somewhat delicate effervescence and boasts fragrant aromas of yellow-fleshed fruit and freshly-picked flowers. Whereas in the mouth, it boasts aromas of citrus with green undertones that offer a refreshing, well-balanced, delightfully long taste with a neat finish.


  • SPUMANTE Colli di Treviso 750ml

    GRAPES: Blend of autochthonous grapes of the hills of Treviso: 80% Glera, remaining 20% Bianchetta, Perera, Verdiso, Moscato all native to the hills of Alto Trevigiano, Veneto region, Italy.

    RECOMMENDED PAIRING:  Elegantly versatile, it is an inviting drink at any time of the day.



    WINE STORAGE: between 12 and 16 °C, away from direct sources of light, avoiding excessively dry conditions.

Producer: Foss Marai