Leo Nardin

Verduzzo I.G.T.

  • VERDUZZO I.G.T. Veneto 750ml

    Typical golden yellow colour, unmistakable scent of dried figs, apricot, honey and blossom, all aromas that you will find flavouring the palate. Enjoyably smooth, well-balanced, fresh and sweet.  Ideally served at the end of the meal or as a pleasant break, it is traditionally a dessert wine.

    Wine expert Karen MacNeil has stated that the Verduzzo is one of the "lightest-bodied, most exquisite dessert wines made anywhere

    According to wine writers Joe Bastianich and David Lynch, Verduzzo has the potential to produce honeyed sweet wines with a citrus note similar to "an orange jelly candy" as well as somewhat tannic dry whites with "chalky" notes.

  • VERDUZZO I.G.T. Veneto 750ml

    GRAPES: Verduzzo

    RECOMMENDED PAIRINGS: Very enjoyable throughout the day as aperitif. Pairs wonderfully with aged cheese, almond cookies and pastries.



    WINE STORAGE: between 12 and 16 °C, away from direct sources of light, avoiding excessively dry conditions.

Producer: Leo Nardin

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